Whitehall Road flats

15th November 2017

Iain Duncan Smith is supporting local residents who believe a new block of flats at 191 Whitehall Road is higher than stated on the planning application, and that trees have been cut down without consent.

He said: “This development completely overshadows the surrounding residents’ homes and gardens, there are no privacy screenings in place and chatting to the local residents I can see why they are upset with the way this development has progressed.

“I will be writing back to the council to ask for answers, as I do not believe they have addressed the concerns raised to date.”

Planning permission was granted to demolish the house on the site, and replace it with a two-story block containing five flat, but residents believe that the building is three storeys.

In a letter to Mr Duncan Smith, the council states that the building is not three storeys, but a two storey block of flats with livable space in the roof.

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Iain Duncan Smith visits the flats in Whitehall Road

Iain Duncan Smith visits the flats in Whitehall Road